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The Department of New Jersey 91st Annual Convention was held from June 13-15, 2019 at the Seaview Hotel & Golf Resort in Galloway NJ.  On Saturday, June 15th nominations for new officers were made. Hunterdon County Bulldogs Commandant Chris Soldano was one of two nominated for Judge Advocate. All other positions were uncontested. The Department ran an election and collected all the delegate votes for each Detachment present. Chris Soldano won the majority vote and was elected as the new Department of New Jersey Judge Advocate. This term will run for two years.

The installation ceremony was held at 3pm where all the new Department of New Jersey officers were installed. The new Department of New Jersey elected officers are as follows:

Joseph DeAngelo, Commandant
John Cleary, Senior Vice Commandant
Michael Waluk, Junior Vice Commandant
Chris Soldano, Judge Advocate

Pictured left to right: Michael Waluk, Joe DeAngelo, John Cleary, Chris Soldano

Senior staff pictured left to right: Brian Gillespie, Chief of Staff; Chris Soldano, Judge Advocate; Michael Waluk, Junior Vice Commandant; Joe DeAngelo, Commandant; John Cleary, Senior Vice Commandant; Barbara DeAngelo, Adjutant; Tony Modzelewski, Paymaster/Membership

Also taking positions at the Department of New Jersey is Hunterdon County Bulldogs SGT at Arms Scott Seymour who was named District 8 Assistant Vice and Bulldogs Adjutant Mary Soldano will be taking over the Department of New Jersey Web Master position with Commandant Chris Soldano as Assistant Web Master.