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  1. We are now printing our membership cards in house, so by leaving off the expiration date cards are good for life, we no longer have to print for existing members, only for new members, transfers and new life members. that cuts our card printing down to around 10,000 or less every year from around 30,000.
  2. Anyone who wishes to order a replacement card or just wants the new plastic can order from our website: www.mclnational.org.
  3. We are currently trying to get the company to list the expiration dates in the portal with the members name and info.
  4. All Detachment paymasters have access to the portal to verify anyone of their members. If they have been delinquent for a long period of time their name will drop off the
    portal page.
  5. If you have a visiting member from out of area, the fastest way to verify ( if you need to ) is to contact his/her Detachment paymaster or Commandant.
  6. We are now using an old but tried and true way of mailing out membership cards, they are going directly to the Detachment paymasters, this avoids having to deal with returns due to bad addresses. Hand themĀ  out at your meetings, it will also get members at your meetings, contact them and let them know you have their card, if they want it they can go to a meeting and have it presented to them.

Thanks for your support
Semper Fi
Dennis Tobin
National Commandant